Verified Haul Data


VH Data Information

Our proprietary system integrates state of the art metering technology with backend data systems, providing a seamless integration into third party applications.

The data is synced through the Verified Haul cloud-based system which is
accessible via API or web interface. Verified Haul can also integrate with a third party TMS/Ticketing Platform in order to auto-reconcile the data with the system of record

When a driver’s load is run through our meters, the data is collected via cellular or satellite connection synced every 10 minutes.  The data is then warehoused on our secure network and available for reporting purposes in real time.

APIs are communication protocols for system to system communication. If your company has an IT department, we can work with them to enable API access to the data. Web interfaces are your typical web applications.  Secured by logins, you are able to pull reports on the data collected at any time.

Data is segmented so you only have access to the data you’re allowed to see. Producers see every barrel hauled on their behalf, operators see every barrel hauled to their facilities, and carriers see every barrel they’ve hauled.

Verified Haul adds accuracy and transparency to the water hauling business. It removes the guesswork around barrel counts and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Verified Haul offers multiple web interfaces and API for accessing the data. The data is provided in simple formats, which can be consumed by third party applications.

Verified Haul uses industry leading secure development practices. All data is encrypted in transit and stored in Microsoft Azure.  Database access is restricted to Verified Haul services.

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