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VH History
Over 3 Million Metered

Ending 2020, Verified Haul has successfully metered over 3 Million barrels of water providing upwards of $1 Million in estimated savings for the industry at a time where every barrel counts.

VH History
Another successfully Salt Water Disposal Implementation

Verified Haul has successfully implemented another Salt Water Disposal in the Bakken.  White Owl Energy Services Inc. has implemented the VH solution at their New Town disposal.  This will allow White Owl to seamlessly capture Producer load information from the hauler, accurately meter each load, and provide real-time information to the hauler and producer on what is offloaded. 

VH History
Milestone reached – 500,000 barrels metered

Verified Haul as reached another milestone; metering over 500,000 barrels for their customers in the Bakken. 

VH History
Full Integration of Salt Water Disposal

A full salt water disposal integration was completed in New Town, North Dakota.  Four independent lanes are now successfully metering each load delivered. 

VH History
VH Live implementation completed

Implementation of the VH Live camera service is completed for another customer.  VH Live provides live and historical camera images every 5 minutes to reduce wait times at disposal.  Images are available for both dispatch and drivers providing real time reroutes to the most efficient disposal. 

VH History
VH Metering Trial Completed

30 day trial completed with a new customer for VH Metering.  Results provided a dramatic increase in barrel accuracy and our customer ordered a full integration of the disposal with four offload lanes.

VH History
News Release

Completed a 90 day case study with mobile metering devices.  Random sampling was taken during this period from a 200+ asset group.  Case study showed a 14% decrease in metered barrels vs. driver listed barrels.  When combined with disposal costs, overall savings was 19% (not including backend office savings or wait time savings).